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“Fostering Innovation and Creativity in Film and Media”

Welcome to the world of Eccentric Media & Entertainment. We are young and Dynamic company founded by Nuraj Khan. We Carry on in the business as a Maker, Producer, Exhibitors, composers , Distributers of the Films, TV Shows, Television Serials, advertisements, web series, Cinematographic Films, Motion Pictures, music Album, talk shows, Dance shows , Comedy Shows, Singing shows, reality shows, advertising Films, Entertainment Services and to engage In Media Production, marketing, Media Broadcasting, Telecasting, complete Film Post Production studio And film and Media Training Institute.

There is a team of highly creative, trained and motivated professionals working towards creating unique and out of the box content for their clients. With strong industry alliances, in house production and post-production facilities, and a gamut of talent, our standards are at par with any international production house of repute.

“Introducing the Visionaries Shaping the Future of Entertainment”

Founder Of Company

Meet our visionary founder, Nuraj Khan. With an indomitable spirit and a passion for innovation, they laid the foundation for Eccentric Media & Entertainment, shaping it into the dynamic and thriving company it is today. As a true pioneer in the industry, their forward-thinking mindset and relentless pursuit of excellence have propelled us to new heights.

Chairman Of Company

At the helm of Eccentric Media & Entertainment sits our esteemed Chairman, Chetan Orase. With a wealth of industry experience and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving media landscape, Chetan Orase brings invaluable guidance and strategic direction to our company.

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